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PhoneCardSmile.com is a young, dynamic and growing company; aiming to reshape the way phone cards and calling cards delivered to customers. It is founded by a group of people who understand the frustrations and challenges involve in finding, buying and using calling cards. Thus, PhoneCardSmile aims to carry only a small diverse set of high quality phone cards and calling cards from various reputable service providers. Given the nature of prepaid phone cards, providing high quality phone cards is a highly challenging task that PhoneCardSmile is not afraid to take on.

With the help from our customers' feedbacks, comments and suggestions, we believe that we will be able to achieve this goal and create a win-win situation for both prepaid phone card consumers and service providers.


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Phone Card Rates
Brazil Phone Card, Brazil Calling Card Flag   Brazil 0.7¢ Canada Phone Card, Canada Calling Card Flag   Canada 0.4¢
China Phone Card, China Calling Card Flag   China 0.1¢ Egypt Phone Card, Egypt Calling Card Flag   Egypt 0.5¢
France Phone Card, France Calling Card Flag  France 0.4¢ Germany phone card, Germany calling card flag   Germany 0.4¢
Iraq Phone Card, Iraq Calling Card Flag  Iraq 4.5¢ india phone card, india calling card flag   India 3.6¢
italy phone card, italy calling card flag   Italy 0.4¢ Japan Phone Card, Japan Calling Card Flag   Japan 0.8¢
Korea South Phone Card, Korea South Calling Card Flag   S. Korea 0.4¢ Mexico Phone Card, Mexico Calling Card Flag   Mexico 0.8¢
Nigeria Phone Card, Nigeria Calling Card Flag   Nigeria 2.0¢ Philippines Phone Card, Philippines Calling Card Flag   Philippines 5.0¢
Russia Phone Card, Russia Calling Card Flag   Russia 1.0¢ Taiwan Phone card, Taiwan Calling Card Flag   Taiwan 0.5¢
South Africa Phone Card, South Africa Calling Card Flag   S. Africa 1.8¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   USA 0.3¢
uk Phone Card, United Kingdom Calling Card Flag   UK 0.5¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   Vietnam 6.2¢