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Super Indonesia Phone Card , Super Indonesia Calling Card Details

Super Indonesia phone card provides cheap rates for domestic & international calling. Using Super Indonesia calling card you will lower down your monthly long distance phone bills. Super Indonesia Prepaid Phone Card can be used from any Phones (Pay Phone Charges may be apply - Please see "Super Indonesia Details"). This international phone card can be used to call from USA to international not vice versa.

Super Indonesia calling card is an inexpensive method to stay in touch with your friends and family. Whether you are calling to a cellular phone or home/office phone.Super Indonesia online international calling card can get you cheaper rates to call your destination than normal service providers. Our Super Indonesia phone card pledge significant reliance.

Our customer service is standing by to assist you. Call 1-888-951-0006.

Super Indonesia Phone Card

Super Indonesia Phone Card
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Super Indonesia - Details
Quality: hothothothotnot hot
Connection: hothothothotnot hot
Air time accuracy: hothothothotnot hot
Toll Free: 1-800-383-2230 (English)
1-800-383-2497 (Mandarin)
1-800-383-2403 (Indonesia)
1-800-383-2602 (Vietnamese)
(Extra 1 to 5 Cents Per Minute By Using 800 Access)
(Please Use Local Access To Receive The Most Minutes)
Local Access Numbers: Click here for Local Access Numbers
Customer Service: 1-800-383-2235
Service Provider: Global Com
Connection Fee: No
Terms & Conditions: Click here for Terms & Conditions

Super Indonesia Phone Card - Super Indonesia Calling Card

Below are the Complete Rates for Super Indonesia international phone cards...
Super Indonesia Rates List Click here to see local access numbers
Country Rate/Min. Conn. Fee
Argentina - Buenos Aires 1.8¢ No
Australia 2.2¢ No
Austria 10.2¢ No
Bangladesh 25.6¢ No
Bangladesh - Dhaka 9.4¢ No
Bolivia 20.8¢ No
Brazil 12.5¢ No
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro 4.7¢ No
Cambodia 20.0¢ No
Canada 1.5¢ No
Canada - Cellular 1.5¢ No
Chile 23.3¢ No
China 1.7¢ No
China - Beijing 1.7¢ No
China - Canton 1.7¢ No
China - Cellular 1.7¢ No
China - Shanghai 1.7¢ No
China - Shenyang 1.7¢ No
China - TianJin 1.7¢ No
Colombia 14.1¢ No
Colombia - Bogota 7.1¢ No
Finland 5.8¢ No
France 2.2¢ No
Germany 10.0¢ No
Greece 5.0¢ No
Guatemala 22.7¢ No
Hong Kong 1.5¢ No
Hong Kong - Cellular 1.3¢ No
Indonesia 5.0¢ No
Indonesia - Cellular 10.2¢ No
Indonesia - Jakarta 3.2¢ No
Indonesia - Surabaya 4.4¢ No
Ireland - Dublin 3.0¢ No
Israel - Tel Aviv 4.1¢ No
Italy 2.2¢ No
Japan 2.2¢ No
Korea - South 2.2¢ No
Laos 8.0¢ No
Macau 6.9¢ No
Malaysia 16.7¢ No
Malaysia - Cellular 4.2¢ No
Mexico - Mexico City 2.0¢ No
Mongolia 12.5¢ No
Myanmar (Burma) 37.0¢ No
Netherlands 2.0¢ No
New Zealand 2.9¢ No
Norway 3.1¢ No
Panama 15.9¢ No
Panama - Panama City 8.5¢ No
Peru 31.3¢ No
Philippines 12.5¢ No
Philippines - Cellular 15.4¢ No
Poland - Warsaw 3.8¢ No
Portugal 4.2¢ No
Puerto Rico 4.1¢ No
Russia - Moscow 2.0¢ No
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah 8.9¢ No
Singapore 1.3¢ No
South Africa 11.1¢ No
Spain 2.8¢ No
Sri Lanka 26.3¢ No
Switzerland 3.6¢ No
Taiwan - Cellular 8.0¢ No
Taiwan - Taipei 2.0¢ No
Thailand 5.0¢ No
Thailand - Bangkok 3.3¢ No
U.S. Virgin Island 4.2¢ No
United Kingdom 2.0¢ No
United States 1.5¢ No
Venezuela - Caracas 4.9¢ No
Vietnam 20.0¢ No
Vietnam - Cellular 20.0¢ No

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Brazil Phone Card, Brazil Calling Card Flag   Brazil 0.2¢ Canada Phone Card, Canada Calling Card Flag   Canada 0.1¢
China Phone Card, China Calling Card Flag   China 0.1¢ Egypt Phone Card, Egypt Calling Card Flag   Egypt 3.1¢
France Phone Card, France Calling Card Flag   France 0.1¢ Germany phone card, Germany calling card flag   Germany 0.1¢
Iraq Phone Card, Iraq Calling Card Flag   Iraq 1.0¢ india phone card, india calling card flag   India 0.1¢
italy phone card, italy calling card flag   Italy 0.1¢ Japan Phone Card, Japan Calling Card Flag   Japan 0.3¢
Korea South Phone Card, Korea South Calling Card Flag   S. Korea 0.1¢ Mexico Phone Card, Mexico Calling Card Flag   Mexico 0.4¢
Nigeria Phone Card, Nigeria Calling Card Flag   Nigeria 2.8¢ Philippines Phone Card, Philippines Calling Card Flag   Philippines 4.6¢
Russia Phone Card, Russia Calling Card Flag   Russia 0.3¢ Taiwan Phone card, Taiwan Calling Card Flag   Taiwan 0.1¢
South Africa Phone Card, South Africa Calling Card Flag   S. Africa 0.9¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   USA 0.3¢
UK Phone Card, United Kingdom Calling Card Flag   UK 0.1¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   Vietnam 0.8¢