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Pinless Dialing (800 or Local Access)

ABC Africa Pinless Dialing (800 or Local Access)

Pinless phone cards are the latest thing and it makes calling international easier and hassle-free. You don't need to always have the PIN handy because the phone automatically dials it for you once you associate it. This allows you to call your loved ones anywhere in the world without have to rush to a store or hop online. To start the pinless feature, associate your number with the PIN and it will restrict the use of the PIN to only your phone number unless you choose to share it yourself. To associate your number, here are instructions:

Associate your number

  • Dial the local access number or toll free number
  • Enter the calling card PIN given
  • After prompt asks you to enter your destination number, enter ** and choose option 6. This associates the PIN with your number
  • You can either continue dialing the destination number or hang up
  • Next time you want to use your phone card, call the same access number. PIN won't be needed again

De-Associating your number

  • Dial the local access number or toll free number
  • After prompt asks you to enter your destination number, enter ** and choose option 6 to de-associate
  • Once completed, the prompt says your number has been de-associated
  • You can continue using the phone card as a regular phone card by entering PIN each time when you want to make a call.

Note: Phone Number Associated with a PIN will be removed automatically once the PIN value is exhausted.


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