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My Rewards program allows you to collect points each time you buy phone cards or calling cards from us. Our reward system was designed with our customers in mind and will truely give you a rewarding experience in buying phone cards. 

So the next time you buy you will immediately receive rewards. If you are wondering if all of this is free - Yes it is absolutely FREE! So start buying and accumulate your points.

The more you buy the more rewards you get!

Every time you buy, you will get reward points for your purchases. The reward program allows you to collect extra reward points when you buy a larger amount in a single transaction. For example, you earn extra 5 points when you buy $20, you earn extra 10 points when you buy $30 and so on.

Better yet, we only look at the total face value or denomination that you buy in a single transaction and we credit your account with reward points. Please refer to the table below for reward earning program.

The points you accumulate you will be able to redeem for the following prizes:
  • Phone Cards
  • I-Pods
  • Sony PSP
  • Sony PS3
  • X-BOX 360

The more points you accumulate the more rewarding it becomes!
For example, when you claim $20 (combined face values) worth of phone cards you will only need 350 points instead of 400 points, saving you 50 points.

For more information on receiving and redeeming your reward points please refer to tables below.

Reward Points Earning Table

Total Face Values Reward Points You Earn
$5 5 points
$10 10 points
$15 15 points
$20  20 points -> 25 points (earn extra 5 points)
$25  25 points -> 30 points (earn extra 5 points) 
$30  30 points  -> 40 points (earn extra 10 points)
$35  35 points  -> 45 points (earn extra 10 points)
$40  40 points  -> 60 points (earn extra 20 points)
$45  45 points  -> 65 points (earn extra 20 points) 
$50  50 points  -> 75 points (earn extra 25 points)

Point Redemption Table - What you get for your points

Redeem@Points  Your Award  
100 points $5 phone cards
200 points $10 phone cards
300 points $15 phone cards
Redeem@MAX  Your Award
 400 points -> 350 points  $20 phone cards 
 600 points  -> 525 points $30 phone cards
 800 points  -> 650 points $40 phone cards
 1000 points  -> 800 points $50 phone cards
Redeem@VIP  Your Award (Select one of the following Gift)
 3000 points  -> 2500 points I-Pod Shuffle
2 GB Flash Drive
Nintendo Game-Cube Console
6000 points  -> 5000 points PlayStation 3
X-Box 360

We constantly add more exciting prizes to our list of reward prizes. Please come back and check out this page regularly for more exciting rewards.

Claiming your rewards has never been easier

You can redeem your rewards anytime. For redeeming phone card prizes, the system will give you an option to use your reward points at "Check Out" page, once you have accumulated enough points to redeem a prize. For redeeming other prizes please write to

Terms & Conditions

The reward points that you accumulated will be expired after 6 months of no purchase nor redemption. PHONECARDSMILE reserves a right to end this reward program at any time. PHONECARDSMILE reserves a right to modify the prizes and reward system at any time. The prizes are subject to availability of product at the time of redemption. Free shipping in lower 48 states only, Additional Fees will be required on the following States: Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

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