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Brazil Phone Card, Brazil Calling Card Flag   Brazil 0.7¢ Canada Phone Card, Canada Calling Card Flag   Canada 0.4¢
China Phone Card, China Calling Card Flag   China 0.1¢ Egypt Phone Card, Egypt Calling Card Flag   Egypt 0.5¢
France Phone Card, France Calling Card Flag  France 0.4¢ Germany phone card, Germany calling card flag   Germany 0.4¢
Iraq Phone Card, Iraq Calling Card Flag  Iraq 4.5¢ india phone card, india calling card flag   India 3.6¢
italy phone card, italy calling card flag   Italy 0.4¢ Japan Phone Card, Japan Calling Card Flag   Japan 0.8¢
Korea South Phone Card, Korea South Calling Card Flag   S. Korea 0.4¢ Mexico Phone Card, Mexico Calling Card Flag   Mexico 0.8¢
Nigeria Phone Card, Nigeria Calling Card Flag   Nigeria 2.0¢ Philippines Phone Card, Philippines Calling Card Flag   Philippines 5.0¢
Russia Phone Card, Russia Calling Card Flag   Russia 1.0¢ Taiwan Phone card, Taiwan Calling Card Flag   Taiwan 0.5¢
South Africa Phone Card, South Africa Calling Card Flag   S. Africa 1.8¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   USA 0.3¢
uk Phone Card, United Kingdom Calling Card Flag   UK 0.5¢ USA Phone card, USA Calling Card Flag   Vietnam 6.2¢