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Telecom Advertising chaos

Date: 1/29/2008 2:58:58 AM

episode downloads. And third, there is the emergence of mobile media.

“With these changes, there is a tremendous amount of fragmentation going on in terms of the number of channels, in terms of the different ways in which ads can be formatted and the different ways in which they can be delivered,” Shababb said.

Telecom service providers are moving into this brave new world of advertising, hoping to generate new revenue streams to help replace the money that is draining out of their traditional voice business. They are bringing some of the changes with them via their IPTV and mobile TV platforms, but they also are going to have to cope with the constant change already roiling a multibilliondollar advertising industry in search of new business models. To complicate the picture even further, IPTV is promising a new age of targeted ads that could deliver on a longsought desire of the advertising industry to better focus its message.

Given all the uncertainty and chaos around business models, however, many industry analysts remain skeptical that advertising revenues will amount to anything significant for IPTV players in the nearterm.

“It continues to perplex me,” said Dan Taylor, analyst for Yankee Group. “Telcos talk about getting into the media business, and the two businesses they talk about are neither big nor as significant as their core business. Those two businesses are advertising, which for them is selling local spot ads — which was a $5.7 billion business last year — and selling personal subscriber data, which means they will be competing against 12 or so established companies that do nothing but ext

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